Sustainable Nutrition

How can dairy be a sustainable food system while providing high quality nutrition to a growing global population? 

Dairy provides important nutritional benefit, but how can these foods be produced in a responsible way that lowers the industry's carbon footprint while addressing food waste? The Sustainable Nutrition domain topic asks students to address these concerns through the ideation of new technology. Some thoughts to consider:

  • In 2008, the National Dairy Council established a voluntary goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020
  • The USDA estimates that 30% of the US food supply is wasted
  • According to a 2004 study, if all American adults ate their recommended suuply of dairy, it would reduce healthcare costs by $26 billion in the first year
  • Milk and dairy foods supply 50% of the calcium and 15% of the protein of the average American diet

Learn more about Sustainable Nutrition from the National Dairy Council



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