Sensors & Smart Packaging

Is smart packaging and high tech sensors on our food and animals the future of understanding food quality and origin? 

With so many humans wearing fitbits and smart watches to monitor their health, why not dairy cows? As the technology for accurately tracking human health and disease diagnosis grow, so too does the application of that same technlogy to animals. With smart sensors, one could potentially monitor the health of an entire herd and prevent widespread disease when one animal begins to show symptoms.

Similar technology could also help humans ensure their food is healthy and of high quality. Whether it's packaging that is actively controlling its own environment based on internal and external factors, or a package that is communicating its quality to consumers and producers, smart packaging has the potential to be revolutionary. Smart packaging and sesnors are already in various forms of commercialization, so how would you apply this technology on a wider scale to transform the entire dairy industry?



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