Due to unexpected circumstances, SmartAg4.0 2018 has been cancelled. Thank you for your interest. We plan to reschedule the event for a future date, stay tuned for more updates. 


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  1. The winners of SmartAg4.0 2017, who presented idea for a community garden app

    SmartAg4.0 to Bring Innovative Ideas to Dairy Industry

    Aug 26, 2018

    One revolutionary idea can transform an entire industry overnight. At least, that’s what The Ohio State University’s SmartAg4.0 student competition suggests to event participants.

    Much how ridesharing companies have changed how we commute and short-term home rental companies have changed how we find accommodations, participants in SmartAg4.0 could come up with the next big idea to transform agriculture.

  2. SmartAg4.0 Challenges Students to Transform Future of Food with Apps

    Sep 15, 2017

    Apps have done more than change our everyday lives, they have also transformed entire industries seemingly overnight. Uber has changed the way we commute; AirBnb has changed the way we find travel accommodations. Later this fall, students will have the chance to propose an app that will transform the future of food systems at SmartAg4.0.

  3. Students Invited to Compete in SmartAg 4.0

    Sep 9, 2016

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Students have the chance to conceive the next Uber app, this one in the food world at The Ohio State University Sept. 16-17.

    SmartAg 4.0, open to all Ohio college students, aims to attract entrepreneurial-minded students interested in using technology to create the next generation of food system solutions. Attendees will conceive, create and develop app‐based startup business models with the support of business strategists, subject matter experts, thought leaders and idea people.